Chile - Atacama - Geysire in der Wüste

Reise-Bausteine Chile - Atacama - Geysire in der Wüste

Atacama liegt 2.440m über dem Meeresspiegel und zählt zu einer der trockensten Wüsten der Welt. Lassen Sie sich von der einmaligen Landschaft, den ausgedehnten Salzseen und den malerischen Indiodörfern verzaubern, oder besuchen Sie die dampfenden Geysire bei wundervoller Morgenstimmung und die Mondlandschaft bei geheimnisvoller Dämmerung.

Reisezeit: ganzjährig
Flugzeit: Santiago de Chile – Calama 2 bzw. 3 Stunden
Transferzeit: Calama nach San Pedro de Atacama 1,5 Stunden
Achtung: In San Pedro de Atacama gibt es keine Banken! Bitte Bargeld mitnehmen.


1. Tag: Calama - San Pedro de Atacama - Mondtal Arrival at the airport of Calama and transfer to San Pedro de Atacama. San Pedro is an unusual colorful village located 2.440 m / 8.000 ft above sea level in the middle of a green oasis. In the afternoon you will be taken into the mystifying Valle de la Luna, the famous Moon Valley. At sunset you can see how the light intensifies the impression of a moonscape. We will climb a sand dune to watch this spectacle and then return to the hotel. Overnight in San Pedro.
2. Tag: Atacama-Wüste After breakfast you will visit San Pedro de Atacama - the centre of a Paleolithic civilization that built impressive rock fortresses on the mountains encircling the green valley. The colonial church was constructed in 1577 and is the largest and most beautiful church in the region. The extraordinary archaeological museum (closed on Mondays) of Padre Gustavo Le Paige shows, among its many archaeological pre-Hispanic artifacts, several amazingly well preserved mummies, including one known as "Miss Chile." After this visit you drive 4 km / 2,5 mi to reach the pre- Columbian village Tulor with an approx. age of 3000 years. The archaeological remains are the oldest evidence of human settlement in the valley. In the early afternoon you will start your tour to Toconao, a village where locals dedicate themselves to the manufacture of white volcanic stone sculptures. You continue to the huge Atacama Salt Lake, an inland sea formed millions of years ago. You will be overwhelmed by the vast emptiness with the white salt crusts stretched out in front of you as far as your eyes can see.
3. Tag: Geysire El Tatio In the morning you will depart early at 4:00 am to reach the El Tatio Geysers at an altitude of 4.300 m / 14.108 ft before sunrise. It is the highest geothermal field in the world in a remote setting and has spectacular scenery. Make sure to bring warm clothes because it is very cold in the morning at this altitude. At dawn, powerful spurts of steam shoot out from various blowholes. The steaming ponds are encrusted with brilliant salt crystals reflecting the metal-blue sky at dawn. You will have enough time to enjoy this beautiful natural wonder before we return and drive to the village Machuca where the ancient llama caravans used to rest from their travels on the "Inca Highway". Today only few people live here. Afterwards, we will return to San Pedro de Atacama. Leisure time in the afternoon. Overnight in San Pedro. (B)
4. Tag: San Pedro de Atacama - Calama Transfer zum Flughafen Calama (Auf Anfrage kann werktags um ca. 10.00 Uhr ein Besuch der größten offenen Kupfermine der Welt bei Chuquicamata organisiert werden).

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