Chile - Kreuzfahrt Nomads of the Seas

Reise-Bausteine Chile - Kreuzfahrt Nomads of the Seas

So many activities in a single adventure trip it is almost unbelievable!!! You will experience nature, eco-tourism activities, and helicopter flying, jet boating and yachting in a unique and exclusive way. You will encounter places so remote no human being has ever set foot on. The itinerary and daily programs will be adapted on the spot, to accommodate Patagonia's always surprising character.


Expeditions are classified into:

  • Trekking and cultural and ecotourism activities (hot springs, glaciers and sites of history or cultural interest)
  • Nature photography
  • Bird watching and wildlife observation
  • Whale-watching
  • Fly-fishing



All means of transportation for your exclusive day trips, highly qualified guides and crew will be on board of our specially designed ship, that will be on the move (while you sleep) to well selected and remote places. Our mission is to immerse you into our fragile ecosystem in a safe and relaxing way, so that your awareness of our wilderness makes this an unforgettable and spiritual experience. The entire team will be dedicated full-time to satisfy your needs whatever they may be. The ship ATMOSPHERE is a state-of-the-art and luxurious cruiser with a steel hull, twin engines and twin propellers with variable pitch to be able to manoeuvre easily no matter the current or sea conditions. Also providing the ability to deploy the jet boats or the ships own Bell 407 helicopter. Still, the commitment as an operation is to preserve and protect the fragile ecosystem and secure its continuity for future generations. The cabins are very comfortable and comparable with a cabin of a modern cruise ship. The spa service pampers the guests like no other. Like if this wasn't enough, a brilliant Chilean Cuisine menu that includes typical dishes in a modern and fresh way has been created.


A Continuous Adventure

Nomads of the Seas offers two programs traveling through Patagonia by air, land and water, as never before seen, thanks to Atmosphere’s versatility, it’s complete aeromaritime transportation system and the expertise of its guides and crew members.

The first program is Ultimate Fly Fishing, which adds to the already exciting activity, the thrill of practicing it in pristine and virgin places, to which Nomads has access in surprising and unique ways.

The second program is Wildlife Adventures, which is an invitation to get to know deep Patagonia alongside first class scientists and expert guides. They travel with guests deep into Patagonian territory to uncover the mysteries of the region’s wildlife, as well as going on specialized expeditions like trekking, kayaking, panoramic flights over the area, among others.

The Atmosphere ship cruises during the night and by day it anchors in bays and fiords where guests can disembark using the many vehicles available for the programmed activities. All guides go out equipped with gourmet lunches if the activities planned take all day. If it’s three to four hours, the ship awaits with delicious preparations on board.

Come early evening, Atmosphere awaits, ready to grant its guests a restorative rest through its spa services, lectures and gourmet preparations.


Nomads of the Seas Ultimate Fly Fishing program is, without a doubt, an experience full of adventures and surprises that will captivate the hearts of all courageous explorers that go deep into this adventure. Reaching places where man has never been before, fishing in places that haven’t suffered human alterations, pollution or any kind of intervention other than that of Mother Nature, is the privilege that our guests will experience with Nomads of the Seas and its Ultimate Fly Fishing program.

To keep its promise, Nomads of the Seas relies on its cutting edge aero-maritime transport system consisting of a Bell 407 helicopter, 6 jet-boats, a Hurricane 920 RIB zodiac, and other lesser watercrafts such as zodiacs and catacrafts. Meanwhile, 36 McKenzie boats and 12 jetskiffs are placed in strategic spots of the Patagonia, readily available for fishing trips in deeper territory. This equipment allows us to penetrate into the most secluded rivers, lagoons and mountains, some of them lying untouched and unseen, waiting to be discovered.

In Ultimate Fly-Fishing, the angler may become part of a scouting team, which adds a whole new dimension to each expedition. There is no such thing as being bound to a specific location; groups are free to explore privileged sites, including some that have rarely, if ever, seen a fishing line. Due to these conditions, trophy catches are not hard to find at Nomads.
Wildlife Adventures Program The Wildlife Adventures Program is thought up for all those adventure and wildlife lovers that are interested in the mystery of Patagonia. Explorers, accompanied by a highly specialized guide team, can see their ecotourism journeys converted in incredible and gratifying moments of deep research and reflection.

This program delivers each guest a piece of Patagonia’s natural beauty and considers bird and whale watching which include nature photography as one of the main activities, and outdoors expeditions such as rafting, trekking (including a helicopter airlift to specific areas of interest), horseback riding, jet-boating excursions, air-borne sightseeing, and river and sea kayaking.

  • Whale Watching
  • Bird Watching
  • Nature Photography
  • Soft Outdoors Adventures

Reise Details


Tour includes 7 nights in cabin on board, full board and open bar service (except for special liquors), all activites and facilites on board (like sauna, Thalasotherapy, lectures, wine tasting, etc); daily excursions like whale watching and ecotourism excurcions as scheduled and transfers in out from hotel or Airport Puerto Montt.


Special payment conditions:
Prepayment of 30% of Rack rate once reservation has been confirmed, balance is due 95 days prior departure.


Cancellation fees:
Up to 180 days before departure......: 500 USD Administration fee
from 179 to 120 days before departure: 1000 USD pro Person
from 119 to 75 days before departure: 25 % of sales value
from 74 to 45 days before departure: 50 % of sales value
from 44 to 0 days before departure: 100 % of sales value


Administration Fee:
Any change of date in a reservation will have an administration fee of USD 500.